Friday, February 20, 2009

Love Fridays

My super dooper organised space has churned out this dress to wear to a Sound Of Music Themed 40th (please say it resembles those dresses made from curtains)

and is in the process of turning Mr Muggins's shorts into a German national costumey thing - think suspenders and some braid trimmed thing in the middle - I'll show a photo I promise! The kids have declined to attend which fortunately for me has meant 2 less costumes, and a night alone with Mr M!

Other goodness:

I won the auction from the lovely Jazy and put the new super cute Handmade help button in my sidebar. I had a lovely homeschool day with the kids showing great enthusiasm and creativity on their cloth characters (I think I am missing teaching, but certainly not going to work on a regular basis!) So I guess I mostly love Friday because I get to play ! (for now anyway....)
more friday love here


  1. Glad you had such a good day .
    clares craftroom

  2. the costumes sound good...think they called that 'curtain' material barkcloth...have fun...

  3. I can hear the music playing now.... Doe a deer a female deer ray a... Boy that mr.M must be some kind of saint if he's willing to go out in public a a pair of Lederhosen on :) Hoooo Hoooo Haaa Haaa Heee Heee. I want pictures!! Does he have knee hi socks to go with them???

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx


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