Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eye Spy Sunday

...playing along with Cindy's Eye Spy. This week's theme courtesy of Just Needs Salt - something that we love to eat, but are not proud to admit.

Dare I say it, Aldi's White Chocolate Coconut. Mmm, I'm addicted, I'm in love... oh no Aldi is closed. Good thing actually!


  1. I haven't tried that one out. Must add it to the shopping list!

  2. Oh it is so good...I agree..xx

  3. Why oh why did you have to tell everyone that?? now there will be less for me!!
    I love me Aldi Choc!

  4. I've heard rumours of good Aldi nappies but never chocolate! I must go!!

  5. Miss M.

    I wanted to stop by and leave you this kidnapping note :) I confess I kidnapped the picture of your little mousie and put it in my post today. Along with a bit of a note to my yank blogging sisters on how we might be able to help with the fire relief efforts. I promise he is safe and will be back in time to meet his new family :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico


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