Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rather random revelations

Walked again this morning (must be some kind of record). The weight is coming off, but slowly, very slowly! I guess eating chocolate could have something to do with that!

Had lots of jobs to do today like getting my hair cut, submitting bus forms and buying school books ("ouch" my poor empty purse groans). The girls wanted Aussie tops from Supre and I needed new bathers (beached whale in a rose garden comes to mind...) We all bought goodies at the Diva clearance shop and magazines to take away on our little holidayShopping. Here is a snapshot of my purchases, including a sold stamp and wonderfully coloured kilometrico pens. Hopefully the mysterious pen thief will not be attracted to pretty coloured pens! Will be back next week after our tree/sea holiday!


  1. I think the same pen thief has been to my house (and come to think of it I have seen a similar sounding beached whale round here too .... hmmmm).

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Miss M,

    Have a wonderful time at the tree/beach vacation!! Make tons of great memories :) There isn't to many years of "family vacations" left :(

    Pack your sun screen and don't forget to use it :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico


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