Saturday, January 17, 2009

16 Years of Wedded Bliss!

Today is my Wedding Anniversary - we celebrated with brekkie at a fave cafe. I had the Pancakes with banana and maple syrup - yum! P.S I hope the title doesn't sound too sarcastic!


  1. CONGRATS to you guys. What magic..xx

  2. Congratulations!!!

    I hope you had a wonderful day!! ANd I hope you have 16x3 more years of wedded bliss :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  3. Congratulations Laurel and Mr Laurel - 4 years until you get some china or platinum!!!
    We're a little bit ahead of you but were late starting with the children side of things!!
    Yum pancakes sound good, maybe that is what I am needing to have, real soon.

  4. oh yum..... I wish my breakfast looked like that!

    congratulations! this year will be 5 years for us and that has flown!


  5. Saw you via A round tuit....Congratulations hope there are many more anniversarys for you both. Brekkie sounds wonderful...personally I'm into lunches!

  6. Congratulations to You and Hubby! I remember the wedding well! (stinking hot day!)

  7. A late congratulations from me too...and yummo what a breakfast to celebrate!!


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