Saturday, December 27, 2008

A time for memories

I really enjoyed this post and to quote Jesska: "It's not about the presents, they're just a bonus!"

This year I gave my girls a box for them to put their ornaments in after Christmas - each year I buy them a new one or two. Next christmas they will be able to take their own ornaments from their boxes to decorate the tree. I decided it was time to formalise the process, before we all started to forget who's was who's. When they leave home, they will have a box of decorations to take with them.

I must say as the girls are getting older I must work harded to ensure that the spirit of Christmas remains, and that it is not just about the presents.

Lots of fun was had with bubble machines and two little cousins!


  1. Great idea! We buy a new ornament for the boys each year but hadn't thought about the box!

  2. Looks like you had plenty of Christmas cheer & fun.


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