Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meet Superhero Guy

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's SUPER JD!

Spreading the message that "your man is not always wrong, JUST DIFFERENT"

I have been doing a course called Marriage Gym, a program for women to get their relationship in shape and their marriage working out. It is based on 10 keys, which all work together to unlock the secrets of a happy marriage (in theory!) Friday is our last session and we need to bring a gift to represent one of the keys. I have chosen the key: He is not always wrong, just different and of course I wanted to make my gift, hence Super Hero Guy!

I am also cooking the Choc Caramel Brownies featured at A spoonful of Sugar. Check em out!


  1. Very cool!I like superhero guy.
    I would have started stitching except i'm a complete beginner so i'm a little scared!

  2. Can you make me a superhero cape and vest like that Laurel? With the JD embroidered in gold?? We are off back to the city tomorrow and you know what happened on the last trip!!! I must remember Just Different....LOL - great post, thanks.

  3. Good on you. That will mean so much more when you make it..xx

  4. Hi Laurel, thanks so much for joining in can you send me an email to confirm PIF.
    Have a wonderful night Lisa

  5. Hi Laurel - Super JD is awesome! What a great message he carries on his vest - a most imaginative gift! The brownies are a big hit in our household too!!


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