Friday, November 7, 2008

Decisions, decisions

I have made 2 decisions -

  1. I am resigning from my job regardless of whether I get the other job or not (a huge weight has just lifted!)

  2. I am having a GIVE-AWAY. Leave me a comment to win Molly, as featured in the latest Country Threads Magazine. I'll draw a winner next Friday.
Thankyou to Rustic Tarts and Melimoomoo - your comments really helped me to deal with the situation. I wish I could give you both a big hug.


  1. Good for you Laurel! Sometimes the hassle at a job isn't worth it! If the ppl at the other job have any sense, they'll forget about interviewing anyone else and just give you the job!!


  2. You have just given us a big hug - thank you!
    What an easy way to lose weight, stuff weight watchers just make a I should try it myself maybe!

  3. Laurel~I'm out in blogland meeting and greeting! Your crafts look so cute! Good luck at work. Co-workers can be a major draw back, can't they?

  4. Hip hooray for you! Taking a great big leap in trust... you will land just perfectly I predict :)
    Ok, count me in the running for one of your adorable creations (fingers and toes crossed)

  5. Laurel...The weight lifted off your shoulders was because YOU acted with integrity..if I may be stuck to your laurels (ok..i have been awake since 4 am)good for you! And by golly...I'd love to have miss Molly! New Blogger patient with me...but I will visit you again..great blog!

  6. things have a way of sorting Themselves out don't they?
    Congratulations on having your creations featured in the mag - she is a beauty.

  7. Oh my Molly is soooo sweet! I've got one thing to say about your work dilemma! YOU GO GIRL!!! It'll get better!

    Miss Pootsie's Primitives

  8. Just finding your site and I can SOOO relate to your situation! About a year ago I went through the same thing - but one year later, I am happier, feel respected and appreciated. There is life after the "perfect job"! Hang in there!


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