Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's On My Desk?

A great big mess that's what! Today has just not gone to plan.
I went to bed early last night for a change and then woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Took girls to bus/school and then took the dog for a walk. Arrived home feeling a migraine coming on - blurred vision, numb fingers and a headache. Took myself back to bed. Woke up feeling not much better, but dragged myself to my Weight watcher's meeting. Got weighed and then came back home, couldn't focus on the talk about bad fats! Nurofen plus had kicked in enough to post this blog. Then I'm going back to bed to sleep it off. I was meeting a friend for lunch, was going to do the grocery shopping and work on my doll. Oh well - we all know about the best laid plans....


  1. That must be the reason that my neck is starting to 'crunch' - hope your sleep this afternoon helps.

  2. ohh, I hope you felt better after a rest...take it easy.


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