Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love Friday - Part 2 (on a Saturday!)

I didn't get to post about this last night, actually being FRIDAY, because the teen daughter was glued to the computer when we got home from the shops. Anyway, I still wanted to share with you the rest of the factors that made up my lovely friday.
  • Skinny Cow chocolate Sundae (whilst not as good as the real thing, still pretty darn good!)
  • New stationary from smiggle - an owl note book and pencil case
  • Some crafting time - the beginnings of that snowman I posted about here. (I guess if I had been on the computer, I wouldn't have been sewing!) Today Teen daughter has an aerobics Competition, so soon I will be caught up in a cloud of hairspray, bronzer and shiny leotards. Best get a few jobs done before she awakes.....

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