Sunday, October 26, 2008

Faith Restored

Yesterday we had A's aerobics competition. Her division was on at 4.20pm. As usual we were running late and had little idea of where the Camberwell Civic Centre was. Added to this we were about to run out of petrol and had no cash on us to buy the tickets. I of course had planned to stop for petrol along the way and get cash. I of course planned to be ready to leave at 3pm. (So did hubby!) Best laid plans... Anyway to cut a long, terse trip short.... we came to Camberwell and couldn't find the venue (told it was on Burke Rd). Stopped to get petrol, hubby asks attendant - "sorry sorry, I not know" A customer over hearing the conversation informs hubby that she lives right near there and we could follow her. We did so and found the venue (all the leotard clad girls out the front were a giveaway!) So thanks to this lovely lady we made it in time.

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