Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the winner is....

Thankyou to those (select few) who entered my little competition. I appreciate your feedback on my Chocolate crow items. Now following the highly technical, authorised, government supervised (ahem)draw No. 000001, the winner is............

Erica, please contact me with your snail mail address, and your little owly prize will be winging his way to you!


  1. She's gone away, just send it to me instead...LOL She will never know!

  2. You cheeky thing Christina! Guess what I got today! Thanks so much Laurel. As Christina has said I was away....in Thailand on holidays so I had no idea that I'd won until this morning I went out to get into my car to drive my son to work and realised there was a little parcel in my mailbox. Its sooooo cute! I haven't won anything for ages so was very excited. Now I'll have to find a nice little spot for my lovely little owl in his cage. Thanks again....I LOVE IT!
    Hugs Erica


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