Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here's What I've Been Up To

I was inspired to write my own list after reading
Pip's on:

*baking sticky date pudding and caramel tarts for Father's Day afternoon tea

*cleaning the house for said afternoon tea!

*embroidering a tiny owl

*picking fragrant freesias from my garden to decorate the table

*making time for a bush walk

*having a serious talk with my teen daughter about attitude, friends, embarassment and so much more my head hurts

*helping younger daughter to create a brekkie menu for dad

*shopping for a fabulous cream vest to go with everything

cute owl pic - : the artwork of Susie Ghahremani (thanks Kirsty)


  1. I'm made caramel almond tarts for Father's Day lunch today! Remember to take a photo of yours and we can check out each others on our blogs!
    Thanks for the link too - that is something I am still needing to do to our blog.
    Have a great day
    PS Good luck chatting to your daughter - my head hurts in sympathy (as if that is any consolation....LOL)

  2. Sticky date pudding is just about my favourite desert, hope it went down well! Love the picture too, very cute :)

  3. Milly Molly Mandy was a favourite of mine too.

    Your owl to do is from... : the artwork of Susie Ghahremani


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