Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Filling the cake tins

Lemon olive oil cake
Chocolate cake

Had the oven on to make margarita pita pizzas to go with the potato and leek soup I had made earlier in the day, so decided to whip up a few cakes. Just call me a domestic goddess!


  1. Hi Laurel

    I see you are new to the blogging world too! What a wonderful name you have chosen for your blog.
    Thank you for visiting our blog, I think you are so right in regards to the lack of nursery rhymes - maybe it is because of parents all working and the children being left in childcare??? Or maybe just the technical age that we are now in, where reading and singing etc are priorities further down the ladder?
    You have a very important job - I know how grateful we were to our boys kindy teachers.
    ...........And I love the look of your cakes - yummmm!

  2. Like the pink cake tins. The cakes look yummy,as good as they taste. Good as your craft quality and variety. We like,and have many of your craft works,which we enjoy looking at daily. We wish you all the best with your shop and blog. Love Mum & Dad

  3. The chocolate cake was very yummmy! mmmmmmmmm


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