Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nihao Friends.



 I  have not completely disappeared from Blog Land, I've just been busy exploring other lands.
More posts and photos to follow of my amazing adventures in China. 2 weeks, 3 cities. LOVE.

Friday, February 20, 2015


My beautiful second daughter celebrated her 17th birthday this week.
Our family is blessed to have such a sweet and loving sister and daughter.
This girl!  So funny, so loving, with a crazy sense of humour and a kind, thoughtful nature. An amazing and inspirational dancer, and devoted little sister. Not the most motivated when it comes to school work, driving lessons or deadlines, but with a smile that lights up her face and my life. Love this girl xx

Sunday, February 1, 2015

31 Moments In January

1. Celebrating New Year
2. Having fun with  cousins in and out of the pool
3. #mybrother#security
4. Feeling proud of what my niece created with her Christmas present
5. Laying a beautiful lady to rest
6. Watching the Soceroos play Oman in Sydney @ The Asian Cup and getting hooked on the game.
 7. Doing the fan thing
8. Sharing the fun with friends
9. Awesome Harbour Cruise

 10. Panoramic view from the Boat
 11. Amazing dinner
12.Walking under the bridge and vowing to watch Playing Beatie Bow (after hooking up the old VCR)

13. Wondering why Sydney is the city of  high stools, which are not ideal for short people  with a knee issue
 14. Breakfast at a french Boulangerie in the city
 15. Swimming in the roof-top pool = bliss
16. Listening to Endless Love (which friends sang at our Wedding) and celebrating 22 years of marriage. 

 17. When cake has a face
18. Preparing for early Childhood Teacher Validation to Exemplary Standard (cute stationery helps)
19. Ghostly display in the op-shop window  (searching for golf-themed attire)
 20. Rainy, rainy  Queensland
 21. Attending a fun, family, Golf-themed party 
 22. Loving my cute golfer girls (in op-shop attire)
23. Enjoying the World's greatest cup-cakes
24. Giggling at the pictures of Chris and Lee #PubertyBlues!

25.  Glad to be home
26. Delighting in the gorgeous Noro yarn purchased in Sydney @ Morris and Sons
 27. Using up the left over yarn on the flight home from Brisbane
28. Admiring my new Mid-century style lamp

29. Watching the Socceroos at home with mates. What an awesome match it was. Even more hooked.

30. Food to sooth the nerves after regulation time.
31. Returning to work with my adorable new lunchbox.

It has been a huge month, and despite my best intentions and blog posts written in my head, I thought it best to wrap it all up in one and move onto February. 


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